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Intercoat - Labelexpo 2017

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New Adhesive Generation

"High Stability" - waterbased acrylic technology

Intercoat gains with....

XP-30 Polyester-rugmateriaal

XP-30 Polyester-rugmateriaal nu beschikbaar!

Dé oplossing voor high-....

Etikettering met certificaat

Wijnflessenetikettering met HP Indigocertificaat.

Wij zijn verheugd d....

  • Release liners play an essential role in the label industry today.
  • After labelling the glassine paper liners can be recycled.
  • Recycling of paper release liners is now reality and improves environmental sustainability.
  • As an alternative to glassine paper Intercoat offers a complete product range with PET liners.

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